Urawarrior is a mental wellness app and community focused on providing a supportive, inclusive environment. It aims to help users overcome struggles and improve mental health through virtual coaching, community support, and personal growth challenges.

The platform emphasizes positivity, no bullying, and acceptance of all individuals, including LGBTQ+ members. Founded by a Black woman, Urawarrior offers resources like motivational quotes, community groups, and healthy living education to empower users to become their best selves.​

Bershan is an acclaimed International Motivational Speaker/ Celebrity Business & Leadership coach, Mental Wellness advocate, Tv personality, Influencer and now a CEO tech Founder. She wants her legacy to be having diversity, inclusion and women in technology and in executive positions. She wants to provide a safe inclusive space where women and men can share, get support and heal.

Project Details


Bershan Shaw

Business Type:

Warrior Community

Start Date:

21st Nov, 2022

End Date:

In Progress


Laravel, Flutter









Mobile App

Faced Challenges

The Urawarrior development faced challenges such as creating a safe and inclusive community, ensuring accessibility, and maintaining a positive environment free from bullying. Additionally, integrating comprehensive mental health resources and virtual coaching into an engaging and user-friendly app required significant effort and innovation.

The Solutions

During Urawarrior's development, solutions included leveraging AWS for scalable and secure infrastructure, designing an intuitive platform for user interaction, implementing advanced AI for personalized virtual coaching, and creating an engaging mobile app with a well-balanced points system to maintain user motivation and engagement.




After developing the web and mobile app for Urawarrior, the platform successfully created a supportive and inclusive community for mental wellness. The use of AWS ensured a secure and scalable infrastructure, while Laravel provided a robust backend. The AI-driven virtual coaches offered personalized mental health support, adapting to individual user needs. The Flutter mobile app enabled a seamless experience across iOS and Android, featuring an engaging user interface and a motivating points system. These solutions collectively enhanced user engagement, provided valuable mental health resources, and fostered a safe environment for users to thrive and support each other.


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