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Chaizoo delivers premium tea leaves imported directly from India, embodying the essence of India’s renowned "black tea culture." With a focus on quality and authenticity, Chaizoo offers a diverse array of tea experiences, blending tradition with modern, casual, and stylish presentations. Their curated selection caters to tea enthusiasts in Japan and around the globe, inviting them to explore and savor the rich flavors and cultural heritage of Indian tea. Chaizoo is dedicated to providing an unparalleled tea experience, bringing the world closer to India’s finest black teas.

Japanese customers voiced concerns about the difficulty of obtaining Indian black tea due to its high domestic consumption and a complex distribution system involving brokers and auction houses.

Determined to deliver high-quality Indian black tea, Chaizoo leveraged its presence in both Japan and India to negotiate directly with Indian tea plantations and advanced dealers. After six months of effort, they successfully imported the tea, overcoming the supply challenges.

Project Details


ChaiZoo Japan

Business Type:

Tea Supplier

Start Date:

21st Nov, 2021

End Date:

15th June, 2022












Faced Challenges

Despite facing supply constraints, a complex distribution system, and extensive negotiation hurdles, successfully established a reliable import channel within six months. They overcame these challenges to deliver high-quality Indian black tea to their customers, meeting the demand and ensuring satisfaction.

The Solutions

Chaizoo ensures high-quality Indian black tea delivery to Japan by directly sourcing from plantations, optimizing logistics, maintaining strict quality control, and setting up local warehousing. The Shopify platform enhances the customer experience with a user-friendly interface, secure payments, real-time order tracking, detailed product pages, and robust customer support.



Results successfully navigated significant challenges to deliver high-quality Indian black tea to their Japan customers. Despite supply constraints due to high domestic consumption in India and a limited export market, as well as a complex distribution system involving brokers and auction houses, they persevered. Extensive negotiations with Indian tea plantations and advanced dealers were necessary. Over six months, they established a reliable import channel. This determination and strategic effort allowed to overcome obstacles, meet customer demand, and ensure satisfaction, thereby bringing the rich flavors of Indian black tea to their Japanese and global clientele.



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Here’s what our business partners say about us.

Team is extremely professional and punctual. I value individuals who are open to not only learning new ways of executing a job but who are also skilled and confident enough to offer suggestions and solutions to improve process and protocols.I look forward to more projects together.

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